Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

WEBISDOM MANAGEMENT, SERVICES PVT. LTD is dedicated to providing security for individuals in accordance with the National Privacy Act, which has come into power on 21st December 2012. We are committed to protecting individuals and properties, as we know its a pressing issue while people work together through the web.

Collection of Personal identifiable Details

We render good quality services to every individual client, who is associated with us. In many instances, we may demand personal data like name, telephone number, address, email address from our clients. The subtleties are gathered to use the offers featured on our site, which incorporates online discussions, downloads, singular inquiries, and other services. They are gathered to get the job done based on the law of the nation where it has been working.

How is your personal information used?

The information collected from our customers are utilized for providing relevant services required by you. We are bound not to share any of your personal information with any third party or for any other purpose disclosed. It is also collected for promoting and marketing Webisdom management services provided by us. In case, if you are further not interested in knowing with regards to our services, you could contact us immediately and intimate us that not to call you anymore.

Personal information being disclosed

The information would be shared with only those providers who are working for our company benefits. We ensure you that no information would be shared or soled to any other organization apart from us. In case of any information need to be shared would call you and check if you are willing then only would share.

Security and safety of your information gathered

We are proud to inform that personal details are protected from loss, unauthorized access, alterations or disclosures and misuse. It is stored in safe and secure electronic database which could not be accessed without the password. We have set up appropriate security process and technology for caring about the personal information. You should be sure that your information would be removed from the records when there is no further requirement.

External Links

Our company is also having lots of external or third party links attached. They are having their own logo and company names, so there is no influence whatsoever on the information or contents on their site by Webisdom. So it's our humble request that you should go through their individual company policy before ordering any products or services from them.

Regular Updates

In due course of time, there would be changes in privacy policy which would be brought to your consideration via mails or websites. We would request you to keep track of the changes on the regular basis with respect to our site.

How to interact with our sales and Marketing personals?

In case of any concerns and issues you wish us to solve with regards to privacy policy, please share it with us. We would surely solve your issue in the stipulated time frame and best possible manner.

If there is any query regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the email address below.

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