The Banking and insurance sector is one of the top ones contributing to a country’s economy. Being one of the most profitable fields, finance market is overcrowded with a number of public and private banks. Hence, now it becomes an exigency to heighten online visibility by implementing Digital Marketing for BFSI. However, being supersaturated with traditional marketing media, banking is the last sector to respond to digital marketing.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is undergoing a sweeping structural change leading the organizations towards digital disruption. It has been a constant experience of the banking and financial institutions to improve customer experience & enhance efficiency by adopting cost-effective and leaner operations and drive revenue.

In yesteryears, banking sector outreach was more through traditional print and electronic media, FM, and news channels. However, it managed well to reach out to customers but demanded boundless time, money, and strength. With increasing urbanization and digitization, banking sector has turned its focus towards digital media.

Digital marketing is an unavoidable marketing strategy for recent time. Digital marketing is automation over complete manual marketing. And accounting its time and cost-effective banking sector must try out digital marketing and reap the benefits of higher website traffic and potential leads.

Digital Marketing

A simple rule of marketing says, be there, where your customers are and BFSI is no exception. That’s why digital marketing plays a crucial role as people are using the internet for everything. When you market your banking products gaining the trust is the first challenge.

As the the Governor of the Bank of England said, “Trust arrives on foot and leaves by Ferrari” We don’t just sell your products and services through digital marketing, we also create a brand that people can trust. We leverage social media for this purpose where we engage with your target audience before selling them the product.

Web Solution

Security is a major concern while designing a solution for BFSI. We focus on high level of website security and its visualization in design elements while creating a web solution for our BFSI clients.

Internet of things

In BFSI iot refers to a network of smart devices (smartphones, smartwatch, toll payment devices etc) which are connected to the product and services. These networks of devices enhanced the banking experience to end users by on-demand and easy-access-services.

App Development

Developing a mobile app for the banking industry comes with challenges as keeping the customer data safe is the priority. We integrate important elements (Cybersecurity, payment solutions, authentication, UX/UI) in your BFSI product app and make it both functional and competitive.

Artificial intelligence

AI is BFSI helps in the rapid growth of business and detecting financial fraud, algorithmic trading, and anti-money laundering. BFSI market is witnessing rapid growth in the adoption of big data and machine learning algorithms as institutes are preparing themselves for the next wave of digital disruption.

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