The holy grail to be achieved in the education of the future rests on the following segment-outcomes:-
  • Mass automation
  • Robotization
  • Virtualization
  • Mass integration
  • SMART world
  • Limitless communication
    The founding bedrock of education are:-
  • Meritocracy
  • Access to Education
  • Incentivized Education
  • Free Education (w/o cost, restriction & limits)
  • Needs-based Training
  • Strength-based Training
  • Bespoke Education / Homeschooling
    According to Gartner, the top-10 trending technology areas in the near future with specific respect to higher education will be:-
  • Adaptive learning
  • Adaptive eBooks
  • CRM
  • BIG data
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Exostructure
  • Open Microcredentials
  • Digital assessments
  • Mobility Solutions &
  • Social learning

The private participation in education, as per Fortress Research is Primary (7%), Middle (21%) and Secondary (32%). The market size for segment I to XII is estimated to be around INR 22 – 26k crores. Likewise, the market size for private vocational training is estimated at INR (5 – 6)k crores

  • Minimizing CPA in Human Resourcing
  • Wide disparities in spending on education (in the US itself, it varies over 300% between most of west coast to parts of east!!)
  • Created an impetus via technology to reverse current trend of low rate of enrolment by increases access and reducing regional disparity (80% of technical education institutions, according to Fortress Research is concentrated in southern states and Maharashtra)
  • Acute disparities in adoption breadth/depth w.r.t. technology across geographic and economic segments
  • Scalable funding-resource-pool development
  • Improving student outcomes using technology
  • Demonstrable business value accrual in IT investments and RoI
  • Change management
  • Innumerable loose ends in Back-end support
  • Enterprise architecture inefficiencies and gaps
  • Poor strategic IT planning and resource allocation leading to higher TCO
  • Balancing Data security, Business agility with Openness
Web Wisdom Lore
    We believe that the following technology trends will dot the education landscape impactfully:-
  • Digital badges
  • Social media (Twitter® & Facebook® especially)
  • WiFi (next generation)
  • Analytics
  • Digital wearables
  • Drones
  • 3D Printing
  • Digital courseware
  • Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs)
  • Augmented reality
  • Disruption of higher education
Solutions From Webisdom
  • Digital marketing services
  • Content Strategy & Legacy Content Re-creation through Digital Centers of Excellence (DCEs)
  • Bespoke Application Development across social media, web and mobile
  • Systems Integration services
  • Data analytics
  • End-user research (digital platforms only)
  • Micro-credential developing services
  • Real-time, 360 degree Performance Reporting tools development
  • Vocational e-Courseware development

Lowering acquisition costs, interactivity & engagement, spiking cognitive abilities, improving social skills and enhancing problem solving along with managerial skills are key success factors to any education initiative, be it at a policy or implementation level. Therefore, the perspective for any digitalization project here has to be holistic if any real, long-term and sustainable value is meant to be accrued. Webisdom’s significant footprint in this sector helps it bring capabilities along with a strategic vision that ultimately help fulfill business goals while enhancing the human factor / social throughput.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective solution to introduce your educational product to a wide range of audiences. In today’s highly competitive education sector, students and parents prefer to know more about an institution before enrolling there.

We help you maintain a positive digital presence and increase brand awareness for more leads.

Web Solution

We combine our sound technical experience and comprehensive understanding of the domain to bring excellence in the educational industry web solutions. Our integrated IT solutions support all products and services- be it pre-school, university, training centers, or online courses.

Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a boon for education in the current times. From “flipped classrooms” and online courses to integrated mobile technology and more efficient online teaching methods, IoT-enabled connectivity continues to help education expand learning opportunities.

App Development

Today one can learn with affordable and handy educational mobile apps. Our experienced team builds custom and platform-based LMS for end-to-end education process support at affordable prices. We also provide both educators and learners with interactive education mobile apps, omnichannel consumption, and multi-level analytics tools.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact on education has the multiple possibilities AI-based platforms can analyze the level of knowledge, offer backward communication, provide a plan for improvements, and so on. Smart educational content from digitized textbooks to customized interfaces help students learn anytime anywhere.

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