The holy grail to be achieved in the education of the future rests on the following segment-outcomes:-
  • Mass automation
  • Robotization
  • Virtualization
  • Mass integration
  • SMART world
  • Limitless communication
    The founding bedrock of education are:-
  • Meritocracy
  • Access to Education
  • Incentivized Education
  • Free Education (w/o cost, restriction & limits)
  • Needs-based Training
  • Strength-based Training
  • Bespoke Education / Homeschooling
    According to Gartner, the top-10 trending technology areas in the near future with specific respect to higher education will be:-
  • Adaptive learning
  • Adaptive eBooks
  • CRM
  • BIG data
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Exostructure
  • Open Microcredentials
  • Digital assessments
  • Mobility Solutions &
  • Social learning

The private participation in education, as per Fortress Research is Primary (7%), Middle (21%) and Secondary (32%). The market size for segment I to XII is estimated to be around INR 22 – 26k crores. Likewise, the market size for private vocational training is estimated at INR (5 – 6)k crores

  • Minimizing CPA in Human Resourcing
  • Wide disparities in spending on education (in the US itself, it varies over 300% between most of west coast to parts of east!!)
  • Created an impetus via technology to reverse current trend of low rate of enrolment by increases access and reducing regional disparity (80% of technical education institutions, according to Fortress Research is concentrated in southern states and Maharashtra)
  • Acute disparities in adoption breadth/depth w.r.t. technology across geographic and economic segments
  • Scalable funding-resource-pool development
  • Improving student outcomes using technology
  • Demonstrable business value accrual in IT investments and RoI
  • Change management
  • Innumerable loose ends in Back-end support
  • Enterprise architecture inefficiencies and gaps
  • Poor strategic IT planning and resource allocation leading to higher TCO
  • Balancing Data security, Business agility with Openness
Web Wisdom Lore
    We believe that the following technology trends will dot the education landscape impactfully:-
  • Digital badges
  • Social media (Twitter® & Facebook® especially)
  • WiFi (next generation)
  • Analytics
  • Digital wearables
  • Drones
  • 3D Printing
  • Digital courseware
  • Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs)
  • Augmented reality
  • Disruption of higher education
Solutions From Webisdom
  • Digital marketing services
  • Content Strategy & Legacy Content Re-creation through Digital Centers of Excellence (DCEs)
  • Bespoke Application Development across social media, web and mobile
  • Systems Integration services
  • Data analytics
  • End-user research (digital platforms only)
  • Micro-credential developing services
  • Real-time, 360 degree Performance Reporting tools development
  • Vocational e-Courseware development

Lowering acquisition costs, interactivity & engagement, spiking cognitive abilities, improving social skills and enhancing problem solving along with managerial skills are key success factors to any education initiative, be it at a policy or implementation level. Therefore, the perspective for any digitalization project here has to be holistic if any real, long-term and sustainable value is meant to be accrued. Webisdom’s significant footprint in this sector helps it bring capabilities along with a strategic vision that ultimately help fulfill business goals while enhancing the human factor / social throughput.

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