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Healthcare And Pharma

Lately, the global pharmaceutical markets are witnessing major discontinuities that have lead to a decline in the growth of developed markets. Meanwhile, the emerging market is becoming an important driver of growth for the coming decades. Looking at current statistics, the Indian pharmaceuticals ranks 10th globally in terms of value and third in terms of volume. The domestic industry is aspiring to touch USD 120-130 billion by 2030 from the current USD 38 billion.

However, the completion of the goals will require a combined effort by the industry, government, and professionals involved in the workflow. The stakeholders are expected to work on speeding the goal of universal healthcare across India and the world, which can be achieved by enabling access to high-quality affordable drugs. Meanwhile, the government should invest more innovation by building a research ecosystem. This ecosystem can be made real through competitive tax breaks on R&D investments and targeted regulatory simplification.

Webisdom, an innovative digital marketing services for health care, offers technical solutions for the health care firms and innovators to streamline their operations while keeping it in line with the ongoing industry trends. We are a technology-driven firm that harnesses new-age innovations like big data and high-end analytics to separate valuable data from data pile that can drive enterprises towards growth. We bring to the table unparalleled web solution services for healthcare by strategizing customer-centric methodologies to drive organic traffic growth, revenues, and leads for healthcare service providers. Our SEO service for healthcare firms focuses on quality medical content for brand building.

Digital Marketing

Many pharma companies are using digital marketing as the next frontier they are scaling up their consumer businesses and introducing an array of consumer brands. With the advancements in online information platforms, consumers have 24/7 access to information, health resources, health records, always in their hands.

Selling a pharma product is challenging because of the complex nature of the information involved in the products and services. We help our pharma clients by simplifying the content such as product descriptions using rich media, infographics, videos, interactive elements, and create customer-focused content so that you can engage with your audience.

Web Solution

The pharmaceutical sector has a need to get more and more information out to end-users so that they can make an informed decision. We have designed websites for Pharmaceutical Formulation Companies, Pharmaceutical Chemicals Manufacturer, Healthcare Service Provider and Pharmaceutical Consultants.

Internet of things

Pharmaceutical companies cannot risk unplanned equipment shutdown and afford to throw the batches out, and need a real-time status monitoring opportunity. Thankfully, the internet of things does precisely that, bounding the machinery pieces across the company’s facilities and continuously updating their status information on such equipments.

App Development

The pharmaceutical industry has slowly begun to introduce mobile app development to the digital marketplace, in particular, to assist patient adherence. We Leverage collaborative tools to deliver the best employee experience as well as patient service and get you the edge in the industry by turning all your ideas into apps and rewarding your business.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence in Pharma use the automated algorithms to perform tasks that traditionally rely on human intelligence. Over the past few years, the use of artificial intelligence in the pharma and biotech industry has redefined how scientists develop new drugs, tackle the disease, and more.

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