The e-commerce market has emerged as the new way business is transacted, whether in retail, or B2B, locally or globally. The scenario is that the internet is a global marketplace providing platform to every single retailer a national, if not a global presence. The e-commerce market place has become such a vital part of the economy that it is really very hard to point out that from where the e-commerce begins and the old-world economy ends.

eCommerce market has registered a stupendous growth rate in India (17 billion to over a 100 billion dollars by 2020 as per data projections made by (Pricewaterhouse Coopers). While domestic e-Tailers like Snapdeal, Flipkart have garnered multi-million-dollar investments, foreign counterparts like Amazon are betting on India as their # 1 growth engine in terms of market growth and potential, having invested more than 7 billion dollars from internal resources.

  • Rationalizing CPA by strategically optimizing digital marketing and offline marketing initiatives
  • Managing customer expectations on entire order fulfilment process
  • Optimizing supply chain in Tier-III cities (these locations have very high instances of COD)
  • Maintaining data integrity across the entire ecosystem
  • Scaling at minimal cost and maximum margins as per market requirements and future projections

In years to come, core competency in specific product categories would become key, failing which, e-Tailers are more likely to bleed than remain buoyant. The current boom is a super bubble that can burst with the law of diminishing returns pin, which is bound to apply more as well as faster, to such a hyper-competitive landscape. Managing and retaining your customer while maintaining market share will become CSFs to an extremity.

  • Product and Market Strategy:
    • Business and Category Strategy Definition
    • Website Design Integration
    • Operating Model Design
    • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer-Digital Experience:
    • User Experience Design (a.k.a. UX / UXD)
    • Advanced eCommerce Technology
    • Connected Experience
    • Aggressive Feedback Management
    • Digital Marketing and Deals
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Operations Digitalization
  • Payment and Transactions:
    • Cyber - Transaction integrity services (framework development)
  • Supply Chain Digitalization:
    • Network Model Design
    • Partnership Strategy
    • Disruptive Delivery
    • Warehouse Excellence Delivery Process Improvement
    • Reverse Logistics

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