Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Who you are?

A) We are a digital enterprise solutions company that helps clients to develop business models for the new age. We are a community of diligent experts of different spheres who work together to develop streamlined digital transformation solutions. Our team comprises digital strategists, user experience innovators, visualizers, creative content developers, web and mobile developers, app designers, performance marketers and management consultants.

Q) What services do you have?

A) We offer web development, Mobile app development, Graphic designing, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, and online reputation management. For more information visit our Services Page

Q) Where are you located?

A) We are based out of Noida, India, but we have a global presence in the UK, USA, Singapore, Middle East, and Canada.

Q) Do you serve globally or locally?

A) We have clients from all over the world. With our Global presence and digital service, we are able to serve globally without any hindrance.

Q) What is the need of Digital Marketing Services?

A) As the Internet becomes entwined with everything, the importance of digital marketing is increasing day by day. 22% of the world population is on Facebook, and people are also using many other social media platforms like Instagram, twitter and LikedIn simultaneously. There are 3.5 billion Google searches per day. So if you want to reach your audience who is spending so much time on the Internet, you need digital marketing services. Digital Marketing Services help you reach your target audience at the right time because selling your product and services in the digital world is not easy and Digital Marketing Experts make it easy for you.

Q) Can you develop an android/ios app for a business?

A) Yes. We have a team of android and iOS app developers who can develop an app for you quickly. We also provide after-sale support and maintenance services for apps.

Q) Which digital marketing services do you have?

A) We offer SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, Online Reputation Management, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, Video Marketing services.

Q) How much do your services cost?

A) Our services are very affordable, and we have customized plans and prices according to your need. To get a Quote, please contact

Q) What types of industries have you served?

A) We have clients from various industries such as BFSI, Media & Entertainment, beauty and wellness, Oil and Gas, Edtech, Food, FMCG, Engineering and construction, and Automobile industries.

Q) How much experience do you have?

A) We have over two decades of experience in development and marketing. Do you consult your clients at every stage of a project or revert to them only when you have turned it around? We work together with our clients and consult and advise them at every stage of the project.

Q) I don't have a complete idea. Can you help?

A) Yes, we can. We have a highly professional team of strategists and consultants who can help you plan and execute your idea.

Q) Do you sign an NDA?

A) Yes. We sign an NDA to protect both parties' confidentiality.

Q) What will my website be built on?

A) We use the platform according to your requirements. Wordpress, woocommerce, magento, squarespace, and wix all popular platforms are available. We create what's best for you according to your need and budget. Technologies we use are Ruby, Symfony, Angular JS, React js, Cake Ph, Asp.net, Node.js, Yii Framework, Laravel, Spring, Express.js, CodeIgniter, and Drupal.

Q) How soon can my website launch?

A) 7-30 days.

Q) Will my website be set-up for SEO?

A) Yes. Along with web development we have an SEO team who makes sure your website is set up for SEO from the starting.

Q) Can I fix my old website instead of starting with a new one?

A) Yes, We can fix your old website too.

Q) How does the website redesign process work?

A) It may take from 7-30 days.

Q) Can you also provide content for my website??

A) Yes, We have a team of content marketing experts. We can provide website content, blogs or any other type of content you need.

Q) Will you train me on how to use my website?

A) Sure. We will provide the necessary training so that you can make small changes to your website yourself. We also provide after sale support and maintenance.

Q) Will I get the support after the work is done?

A) Yes. We provide 24*7 support

Q) Do you develop android and ios apps?

A) Yes we can develop apps for both the platforms.

Q) What are the platforms on which you develop apps?

A) We use Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Sencha, Adobe AIR, Ionic, SAP, Qt, Jquery Mobile, Native Script, and Convertigo Studio.

Q) What is the average duration of the process?

A) 2-6 months.

Q) What are the steps involved in the mobile app development process?

A) Typically we have 6 steps:
Step 1: Ideation
Step 2: Designing.
Step 3: Development.
Step 4: Testing.
Step 5: Launch.
Step 6: Post-Launch.

Q) How much will developing an app cost?

A) That depends on the requirements, platforms and several other factors. To get the quote contact us.

Q) Do you only build native apps?

A) We build both native and hybrid apps.

Q) Do you provide maintenance services?

A) Yes we provide maintenance and support service.

Q) Can you help me in marketing and launching my app?

A) Yes. We can help you launch your app and get the downloads also we provide SEO for apps.

Q) Do you guarantee first page ranking?

A) SEO is an ongoing process and one can not guarantee first page ranking and neither should you believe someone who promises it. When we take on SEO projects, we aim to improve overall organic traffic & rankings by targeting different keywords & sending relevant traffic to your site and web pages. Though we have achieved first page ranking for many of our clients and can guarantee you that you will also get benefitted from our SEO service.

Q) Can I do SEO on my own website?

A) It will take years to get the top rankings if you are inexperienced in SEO.Also remember, if you make a mistake, your website gets deranked or banned from search results. Your business will be damaged. You can do it only if you have enough experience of SEO else hiring a SEO expert will save you from a lot of trouble.

Q) Is SEO profitable for businesses?

A) Of course it is profitable for every business. A website with a good search ranking receives a lot of free organic traffic and ultimately meets its customers. Some businesses even run PPC campaigns to get people to visit their website which costs them per click. But with SEO you get the free traffic which reduces your customer acquisition cost.

Q) How soon before I can start seeing results?

A) Typically it can take anywhere between 3-6 months to see a noticeable growth from SEO initiatives on a new website. But for a particular web page or landing page you can get it in a month.

Q) Can I stop doing SEO after I achieve the desired ranking?

A) No. SEO is a continuous process and we have seen that websites that stop SEO gradually lose traffic & market share to the competition who are actively doing SEO.

Q) Will you do SEO for google ranking only or for other search engines (Bing, Yahoo) also?

A) We will do SEO for all search engines but the primary focus will be Google as it is where most people search.

Q) How much does your SEO service cost?

A) The cost of SEO services can vary based on the project scope.

Q) Can social media optimization drive more traffic and help expand my online business?

A) People are using social media more than ever. Social Media allows you to connect to millions and millions of people in a very short interval of time globally. Social media marketing surely helps you get more traffic. It even helps you get the higher search ranking on Google by bringing in quality links to your site For online businesses social media can drive leads and conversion instantly.

Q) Do you guarantee results

A) Yes. We guarantee that you will get greater ROI through social media marketing.

Q) Which social media platforms will you use?

A) Though there are some common platforms like Facebook which we use for every business, every client is different and we choose the platform where we can find your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Linkedin are only a few of them.

Q) How soon before I can start seeing results?

A) With social media marketing you can see results as soon as one day but creating and building an audience and gaining followers’ trust takes time. Still you can see the good results in 2-6 months.

Q) How much does your SMO service cost?

A) Depending on the channels we use and the content creation requirement the cost may vary. To get a quote for your requirement please contact.

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