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Keyword Analysis

Posted on 01.27.16 by Admin

Why keyword analysis is important?

It would not be a metaphor if we consider keywords the blood of digital marketing. Not only the digital marketers consider keywords as important element but online visitors also consider keywords very important for their information over the web. Google, the giant search engine alone fields more than 100 billion search queries per month across the globe. Almost 8 out of 10 people make online research over the web for different information whether it could be online shopping, education, job or route maps. Much before you grasp about what keyword analysis exactly is, you need to first understand what keywords means in digital marketing.

While browsing over the web you might have entered particular phrases or words such as “best online shop”, this phrase is keyword i.e. whatever you search in search engines are termed as keywords for the marketers.

Keyword Research:

As a customer we do not usually bother about keywords but for marketers it is very vital that they gauge the phrases and words that customers most likely search for that directly relate to their business, services and products. Thus, if you are a digital marketing agency in Delhi – it would make sense that someone searching for the term “digital marketing agency in Delhi” be able to locate your website in search results. Therefore, you need to first make a thorough research about the target keywords that should be streamlined with the website content for better performance in search engines.

Why Keyword Analysis?

Choosing the most appropriate set of keywords that directly relate to your website is the biggest step towards getting qualified direct traffic to your website. You will be surprised to know that how keyword analysis plays most significant role in building a successful digital marketing strategy (PPC, SEO, SMO and SEM)

  • A website cannot be optimized until the keywords are finalized. Yes you heard it right, those days are gone when website designers and developers only focus on website designing without considering keywords. Nowadays,websites are developed and optimized on the basis of selected target keywords.
  • Well researched keywords analysis results in the best keywords that most likely match up with the customers’ searchable keywords.
  • Wrong keywords will damage your online presence and deviate the potential visitors to another website.
  • Keywords research is fundamental to everything you do online because both users and search engines depend on the keywords.
  • Websites ranking in top position in search results have good keyword strategy
  • Do not guess keyword rather use some reliable keywords research tools to explore the best keywords for your business that draw organic traffic to your website.

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