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How to address online haters?

Posted on 04.13.16 by Admin

It is good that customers are empowered and express their post-purchase reactions on several media channels. If it seems there are a number of negative feedback’s and complaints than ever, and you are spending time and money to deal with this backlash, you are doing right. It has been noted that companies that spend their time in addressing the complaints of their customers reap more benefits. Unfortunately, still many companies are missing this mark. There is no hard and fast rules of addressing the online haters but the suggestions mentioned below may help you to leverage benefits from such situations:

Address feedback of customers publicly:

Acknowledging the feedback of the customers certainly builds loyalty and a sense of engagement. Customers always prefer to get immediate resolution of their problems, or at least an acknowledgment of their feedback as an instant solution may not always be possible.

In 2015, Shutter-stock website got down due to maintenance work, customers could not access the website. Immediately customers started outraging on social platforms and other popular forums. Many people posted several extreme comments about the company but Shutter-stock maintained the transparency and kept addressing the feedback’s and replied immediately. This approach worked, leading the users to praise the brand just after the situation got fixed.


Hugging your haters can give you a chance to turn bad news into good one. Indeed, if you address feedback of the haters and make efforts to resolve the issues, you can surely turn lemons into lemonade.

Dave Kerpen, a popular author on Amazon, understands the importance of this dynamic, therefore he actually addresses one star reviews personally of his books on the platform. He apologies and even offers refunds to the customers who are not happy or satisfied with his book. Most of the customers replied that they are happy with the response. Believe it or not, this practice has actually led more and more users to buy his books.

Provide direct contact to the customers who posted negative reviews:

Many companies directly respond to the negative feedback of the customers with their personal contact number distinguishing itself from others. Customers feel more engaged and connected once they find that you are seriously entertaining their feedback and giving them personal contact for instant remedy of the problems.

The more you will interact, engage and redress their issues, the greater are the chances to build brand loyalty. Therefore, instead of ignoring the complaints, consider it as an enormous opportunity to build strong relationship with customers.

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