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Fundamentals of efficient SEO

Posted on 05.10.19 by Ruby Quadri

Wordpress users alone publish approx 2 million posts every day which means 24 posts per second are uploaded across the internet. To keep yourself stand out one must never compromise with the content.  Generally, it takes 4-5 hours to create one successful blog and it demands just 10 minutes of optimizing for its best visibility across the internet.

For this, the best tool is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which raises the visibility of the website or the online content in the organic results of search engine.  The essential task SEO does is that it assists in getting traffic from Google and other search engines.  Search engine optimization revolves around its two basic elements i.e. On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO. In On- page  SEO it constitutes of all the activity which assists in increasing the SERP results whereas Off-Page SEO usually deals with the activity which is done from outside to accentuate the visibility on the internet.

Constituents of On-page SEO

1. Meta Title Meta Description-

Meta title requirements for its best results -

  • As it is published in SERPs, it must not contain more than 55 characters.
  • In order to pitch maximum users, it must contain at least 3 keywords which completely makes sense and is coherent.
  • Meta description requirements for its best results-

  • It is displayed in the shops under meta title. it must not contain more than 150 characters.
  • At least 3 keywords must be provided in order to land more users with apt language which makes sense to almost everyone.

2. Keywords - Keywords are the term users type in their search engine to get the apt results. It is an essential task to match up with the psychology of the users and includes the keywords into their meta title & meta descriptions. To be found in SERPs, it is essential that the keyword must appear in a webpage and its content. It is preferable to include the keyword at the beginning of your text in order to portray that it is fitting naturally into the content.

3. Content - The content of the website is the most essential part of it as it engages the user and fulfills the information they are searching for. The length of the content impacts both on search engine and SEO. The experts recommend to add text in approx 300 words, but a quite average for a page is around 500 word which must not constitute of repetitiveness and must engage the users till the end of it. Hence content must be creative.

Constituents of Off-page SEO

1. Online Directory - With the presence of online directory it can help pitch some organic users because of the good reviews from the customer. The online directory helps in the increase of views because of the presence of it on various websites. If on instances you encounter some negative review, correct them right away as it can automatically affect the image of the brand or services.

2. Backlinks - It is undoubtedly proven that word to mouth is one of the most efficient ways of advertising, Backlinks are exactly the same. Backlinks are one of the essential and trickiest parts of SEO & it demands outside sources as well. By publishing coherent content it automatically generates engagements by the users resulting in great feedback/reviews. The trending way of concrete Backlinks game is evident by interacting with influencer or bloggers which ultimately can assist in targeting the audience and focus on the businesses.

3. Social Media - Social media is a one-stop shop for the entire business model, from interacting with the customers to providing all the basic detailed information about the product & services through video and images are done here. It is the best platform in reaching the target audience which would ultimately result in accentuated rates of views and ranking.

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