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The future of IoT is AI

Posted on 03.09.19 by Khyati Sharma

This year would witness a convergence of AI with IoT and other technologies prevailing in the same domain. The Internet of Things (IoT) often falls in the general pit of buzzwords. Even Artificial Intelligence (AI) falls in the same trap but with the advent of terms like- ‘machine learning’, ‘genetic algorithms’, etc. Well, there is a clear intersection between IoT and AI.

As IoT will be generating volumes of data, AI will be utilizing that data for machine learning, hence simulating intelligent behavior in machines of all kinds.

Data is useful only if it is used to create an action. It needs to be supplemented with context and creativity to make it actionable. AI and IoT is this context and creativity, i.e., ‘connected intelligence’.

Traditional methods are not so efficient in processing the vast amount of data streamed from IoT devices. Therefore, AI based analysis and responses are critical for optimizing value from that data.

To be more precise, AI is actually machine learning. It is an algorithm that provides the ability to read patterns in presented data. It learns from those patterns so as to adjust its ways to analyse the data or triggers actions. And this is possible only through ‘connected intelligence’, i.e., machine learning embedded into IoT environment :

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Continuous/Adaptive Analytics

Significant investment in the convergence of AI and IoT is being observed. Few examples for the same are:

  • Automated vacuum cleaners, like that of the iRobot Roomba
  • Smart thermostat solutions, like that of Nest Labs
  • Self-driving vehicles, such as that of Tesla Motors

For enterprises across industries, AI is a natural complement to IoT deployments, enabling better offerings and operations to give a competitive edge in business performance.

Machine learning for predictive capabilities is now integrated with most major general-purpose and industrial IoT platforms, such as Microsoft Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT, Amazon AWS IoT, GE Predix, and PTC ThingWorx.

It may soon become rare to find an IoT implementation that does not make some use of AI. The International Data Corp. predicts that by 2019, AI will support “all effective” IoT efforts and without AI, data from the deployments will have “limited value.”

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