User Experience

User experience includes design of human-computer interaction, thereby developing an immersive experience and ultimately determining productivity, adoption and advocacy. Ultimately, User Experience (UX) determines how you are interacting with your customers and delivering them higher value. Smart organizations have realized that user experience of mobile and web interface has a huge impact on their business.

Webisdom User Experience Development practice encompasses user experience (UX) design and development practices into each and every stage of your interface life cycle, making sure that end-user needs are core to the entire development process. Through consulting, design and development services, our UX development and enhancementpractices help organizations create aninfluential user experience (UX) across both external and IT applications – thereby helping organizations maximize their overall investments and meet their final objectives.

How we contribute to your User Experience?

  • User Interface Engineering
  • Next Gen User Experience Design
  • User experience Consulting
  • User Experience Refreshing
  • User Experience Labs

How we deliver an excellent User Experience?

  • Assessment: We start with industry and competitivebenchmarking including brand analysis.
  • Modeling: It encompasses surveys, personal building, and contextual inquiries
  • Requirements Development: It is about Mood Map Development and scenario construction
  • Framework Development: This phase is about Style guide creation, Wireframe development and information structure
  • UI Detailing and Development: Prototypes, Test reports, Visualdesign, RIA graphics,prototype integration and RIA development.

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