QUANTINSTI: "Algorithmic Trading Institute"

QUANTINSTI: "Algorithmic Trading Institute"

QuantInsti is India's pioneer Algorithm Trading Research and Training Institute. High frequency and Algorithmic trading domain is one of the most lucrative career choices in the contemporary financial markets. Introduction of Algorithmic Trading in India in 2008 changed the face of trading as well as the nature of skill sets required to become a successful trader. QuantInsti aims to provide critical competitive edge to its participants through its skillfully designed programs, which not just help them understand the basics but also to become a domain expert. After successful completion of the course, participants should be conceptually comfortable with the following:

  • Managing High Frequency Data and building econometric models
  • Learn how to back-test, implement and trade advance quantitative strategies
  • Furnish your programming skills to build low latency trading strategies
  • Using statistical packages and integrating them to your trading system
  • Using Option pricing models for running volatility books and make markets
  • Hands on experience with advance algorithmic trading platforms


We are committed to assure a lasting learning experience that can help our participants in their professional career by imparting knowledge through innovative and effective measures.


Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (E-PAT): A comprehensive course covering all important aspects of Algorithmic Trading.(www.quantinsti.com)


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