Will Marketers be Appeased by Facebook Changes in Ads Pay Option?

Finally, the giant social media website, Facebook acknowledged the grievances of top-notch brands who expressed that their ads in Facebook are not being actually seen by the internet users. As a result of the discussions, Facebook came up with 2 major changes in its ads operations, which enables the marketers to opt for the choice to pay for ads that completely appears on the viewers’ screen/seen for 10 seconds. Unlike the previous scenario when marketers had to pay for the ads even though the ads are not being seen by the viewers, this development will surely suppress some issues faced by the marketers.

This is a welcome step of Facebook to appease the advertisers. This development has been announced by the Menlo Park, California based tech giant. Furthermore, from now onwards Facebook ads will be monitored and verified by the independent measurement firm, Moat. Moat is one of the leading independent measurement firms that measure viewability of Facebook and other social media platforms. The demand of an independent reviewer or verifier of the ads has been made by some giant companies such as Unilever, Kellogg’s and WPP.

Consequently, Facebook is now ready to partner with Moat, a third party verifier. Very soon Facebook will launch its new ads pay option for the marketers. With this new development, marketers will get three options to pay for the ads. The first two sections involve video promos that will be charged immediately after it flashes on the viewers’ screen. Another section entails ads that will be charged when the viewers will watch the video promos for 10 seconds.

Overall, these two major changes will boost the credibility of Facebook Video ads. Moreover, marketers will be mollified knowing that they are paying for worthy ads.

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