Why people are not following you on Social Media

In recent times, social media has become one of the most important marketing tools. It allows various organizations to reach their targeted audiences without any delay. On the other hand it showcases the culture of the company. However, many companies are not able to see their success through social media.
According to the survey conducted by Hub Spot found that there are 35% to 65% difference between consumers who really expect a brand to be on social media and on the other hand, consumers who actually follow a brand on social media.

The companies should know the intentions of the audiences. They should promote such types of products and services for orienting the customers’ mindset. The sole intention of audiences varies, their likes and dislikes are really differentiated on the basis of products and service qualities provided by the companies.

Different audiences are in favor different companies. You have to be very serious about creating your accounts, considering your targeted audiences and the focus must be given on what types of social media they are using. Normally audiences don’t have knowledge of account existence. Simply having a social media account does not matter, it requires regular updating.

The fundamental thing is to post new content and interact with individuals for proper communication. According to the survey conducted by Hub Spot, the companies are not required to be present on many social media platforms. There is no specific reason that audience will follow the company always.

Various questions are to be answered:

What reason do audiences have to follow a company on social media?
• Are they entertained?
• Can they get questions answered?
• Can they see things others can’t?

The most fundamental things are to put focus on what actually audiences are searching for social media and try to provide them various opportunities to connect with the company. Content is very important in social media. It is considered to be the king of social media. If the audiences find copy-pasting content in social media sites, then it will not able to create awareness and at the same time, optimization of social media will be impossible. So, content should be too promotional and it should be free from copy-pasting. The companies should keep a key eye on the facts creating hurdles on the way of promoting your products and services.

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