Unified Device Targeting: A Simplified Approach for Advertisers

In comparison to Google, Bing is not a silent spectator. Bing has always intended to beat Google in terms of the development of its algorithms. Bing brings some sort of changes in the arena of advertising with the implementation of device targeting. Bing Ads rolled out tablet-related device targeting changes in the month of October, 2014. Unified device targeting is an approach which adds smart phones into a definite and unified device targeting option.

Unified Device Targeting (UDT) is said to be the latest upgrade from Bing Ads which allows marketers to target smart phones by default, in addition to desktop and tablets. With the implementation of unified device targeting, you will automatically begin to reach your consumers across all screens, whenever they access the Bing and Yahoo Network.

Normally, at Bin Ads, we listen to feedback of advertisers. We are engaged in devoting our time and energy to deliver solutions that balance the needs of all our advertisers. Bing plans to make these changes to address these specific advertiser main points.

Unified Device Targeting is very simple. Advertisers are getting more done in less time. It streamlines targeting approach and helps you to focus more time to attain business objectives and less on managing your Bing Ads campaigns.

It brings efficiency in your business. Bing Ads campaigns can easily be managed and migrated through proper implementation of Unified Device Targeting.

It provides familiar targeting options with additional bid adjustments for tablets. It also provides advertisers additional controls without adding complexity. Bing’s goal is to make a proper balance among advertisers for efficient campaigns.

In preparation for the migration, there are three best practice tips to be kept in mind:

Tagging your URLs by the device is a plus point for any business entity. In the true sense of the term, URLs play vital role in tracking revenue and conversion back to keywords.

Advertisers; use this as an opportunity to improve your Bing Ads overall. Advertisers take time to review their campaigns for attaining advertising goals. Using unified device targeting is an as an opportunity to improve your advertising strategy overall.

Unified Device Targeting offers you all flexibility you need without adding the complexity of managing multiple campaigns to reach tablet users.

Advertisers, make sure you have spent extra time this week to check on your Bing Ads targeting.

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