Twitter: A Great Tool for Business Marketing

Modern age is an age of social media. Social media has become a store house of information. Many business entities are focused on social media for promotion of their products and services. In this connection, Twitter plays a vital role for promotion of products and services. It has also become an instrument of social media marketing. Twitter is nothing but a short message communication tool that allows user to send out messages, called Tweets, up to 140 characters. In the field of

social media, Twitter has been included in the category of micro blogging tool because of its short and disconnected message distribution. Another important concept of Twitter is; it shares some features with various common social media tools including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. Marketing through TwitterFor efficient access to the world of business, Twitter has become a real-time information network. Through Twitter, people can share information instantly and connect with people and businesses around the world. Twitter offers business opportunities to your potential user. Twitter’s user has been increasing day by day. It has over 271 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets sent every day. On the other hand, 78% of users are accessing through a mobile device. So, it signifies that how twitter has opened up a new era for business entities to touch their potential customers. Many business entities across the world are finding the value and relevance of Twitter. But the use of Twitter varies from organizations to organizations. How your business can use Twitter for marketing: Present Your Brand Brand presentation is a vital concept. Twitter account and profile are the foundation of your Twitter experience. It provides you a chance to communicate your business story to the business community. It gives a chance to your customers to identify your business and builds trust in you. Listen and learn As a business entity, the first and foremost effort is to find out what is going on in your industry and what your targeted customers are interested in. You have to use Twitter search to listen to the various relevant conversations that are happening. You can add value on Twitter also. Profile Images Twitter uses two different images for representation of your account. You can use both the images to convey your business story. You can upload these images under profile in your account setting. Build a Strong Foundation It is advisable to complete your Twitter profile with definite care. Each feature provides you more details about your business that contribute to your business story. Drive awareness Driving awareness is the fundamental concept of Twitter. You have to raise your business profiles and impact should be given to what extent your social media marketing team using Twitter to regularly communicate with your followers. Try to extend your reach regularly with Twitter Ads. Provide customer service Twitter has been used by the companies and corporations for building strong customer relationship. Many small to medium size businesses (SMBs) are of opinion that Twitter has become a quick way to reply to customer service issues. Through Twitter, you can easily establish strong relationships with your customers by answering on their quarries. Connect with influencers Twitter has become a channel of communication between you and your potential customers. It also provides a suitable way to join and start discussions with influencers and industry experts for raising the profile of your business and building valuable connections. The role of Tweeter for the building of your business can never be undermined. It has become a great tool for driving traffic to your website. So, start following people and add your Twitter account information to the social media account information on your website and blog.

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