Love Triangle: Social Media, Content and SEO

In recent times social media plays a vital role in the field of digital marketing. Traditional concept of marketing has gone. Individuals and business entities are more oriented towards online business. They want to save time and energy to bring efficient promotion of products and services. Modern concept of marketing revolves around social media, quality content and SEO concepts. Without these concepts, no business will be able to generate ROI.

Content marketing is a unique art of communicating with your customers by generating and sharing quality content for bringing about promotion of product and services. As a marketer you have to be cautious about whether your organization is able to generate quality content or not. The game changer is content. Content plays vital role for business growth. It is considered to be a king in the field of digital world.

The role of social media for promoting business can never be neglected. The concept of Social media marketing has come with a view to tap a new audience, drive visibility, and increase your newsletter signups. You will be able to interface directly with your audience, track competitors, and build your presence on a new platform. There are three important factors which are to be taken into consideration.

These are given below.
• Researching target audience demographics
• Identification of audience habits and interests
• Analyzing audience search trends and keywords

Search Engine Optimization has become a propelling force for every business entity. It has changed the true nature, structure and functions of the business world. It has become a unique way to make your website easy for both users and search engine to understand. To speak in other words, SEO has become one of the important techniques for business entities to promote their products and services very easily.

Without the proper implementation of search engine optimisation, there is no question of growth and development in the business arena. No doubt, your organization is publishing content which is relevant and valuable to customers. Effort must be given on sharing of this same content on the various social media platforms where your customers are active. The thing is, your SEO content is valuable and relevant to your target audience.

Another vital point is promotion of SEO content through email marketing should be taken into consideration. To drive new customers, content marketing is the only means to achieve success in business.

No one can neglect the importance of SEO in the field of content marketing. Social media is considered to be the new fundamental pedestal for accumulating information. In the true sense of the term, information is the main propelling force behind your business. If there is absence of deep relationship among social media, SEO and content; there would not be possibility of healthy business promotions.

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