Tracking ROI for Social Media using Google Analytics

Social media is a wonderful way to connect with the customers. Through this medium, a personal relationship can be built with them, as a brand gets to convey its thought more personally. There is also an option to let customers share their views instantly which becomes difficult otherwise. All these qualities of social media make it highly profitable for the businesses in terms of revenue generation. However, one of the most difficult challenges, Social Media Marketing faces is how to calculate ROI. The results generated from SMM should be such that it is profitable for the business.

Google analytics is a helpful tool in solving this problem. It can help a business in finding out the impact of social media on conversions. It gives information about the viewers that where do they come from and when do they leave. Hence, the insight about the visitor can be found out this way. There are various findings, which Google analytics provide including the following:

  • It helps in finding out the conversion raters, as well as the monetary value for each and every conversion. Hence, depending upon the goals of the business, decision can be taken for all those social websites which have been the most useful.
  • Google analytics enables to find out the impact of different content and which one was useful for building the conversions.
  • These reports can be very useful in proving the value of social media to the stakeholders.
  • The likes and sharing buttons can be tracked using these reports. The content which got the maximum likes or the maximum shares is useful. So, similar content can be used for better engagements.
  • There is a newly added feature, which tells about the social visitors flow that how visitors are navigating any website. So, it gives an insight about which social media is sending the most traffic to the website. Therefore, the process can be more data driven rather than guts driven in order to choose the social website.
  • There is also an option which gives a report about who has interacted with the content and when. Therefore, it is helpful in finding out the activities of the visitors.




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