Tips to Defend Your Online Reputation

With the emergence of the internet, you are able to search information and learn many important things faster as compared to before. Internet has become a beautiful platform for people, large & small companies, and agencies. In the true sense of the term, searching on the Internet has become a double-edged sword, because it is easy to build a positive reputation for you in the one hand. And on the other hand, if someone destroys your reputation online, it becomes detrimental for your business growth and development.

Normally, you create your own image by sharing information in tweets, snapshots, videos, blogs comments and links. Other people also add their valuable opinions which contribute to your reputation.

How to manage your online reputation?
• Write a decent profile
• Avoid poor spelling and grammar
• Avoiding controversial comments
• Sharing fun and productive things
• Reflect Rather than React
• Keeping Things Private
• Search for yourself, using various search engines, including Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts)
• Seeking legal advises if the reputation is degrading
• Write positive review to intact reputation
• Finding the causes behind the problem
• Imparting training to the employees to maintain reputation online
• Be careful in tweeting or posting anything
• Using social media monitoring tools
• Keep aloof from contradictory views, reviews, tweets and posts
• Be present always in social media
• Developing a great service or product t fulfil the demand of the customers
• Don’t a lie. Stay relevant to the topic
• Always undertake research and finding merits
• Control the content
• Create profiles
• Provide the facts
• Posting client testimonials on your website
• Post blog, forum and social media profiles
• Be honest
• Be transparent, open minded and listen to others

As a business entity, if you are aware of the glory and importance of all the above tips, you are destined to be successful in protecting reputation online.

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