Tips for Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become the need of the hour. Individuals and companies across the world are becoming more cautious about their reputation. They are very much interested how they are perceived by others and how people feel about them. The reputation of an organization is well judged on the basis of quality of services or products offered by the organization. If your online reputation is not managed effectively, your business will definitely go astray.

So, the organizations that underestimate the power of social media, the reputation of a company will be at risk. There would not be a possibility of promotion of product and services. With the development of internet and social media, many business entities are aware of their reputation management because it is essential for promotion of product and services. For effective reputation management, many vital factors are to be considered. These are: claiming your brand name, manage your brand name, monitor your brand name and repair your brand name.

Whatever issue you are facing, it will be solved with the definite implementation of reputation management strategy. In this blog, we provide some effective online reputation management tips which will create reputation on the basis of search results. For reputation management you have to keep a key eye on three factors like Monitor, Optimize and Engage.

What to monitor?
• Brands
• Products
• Company
• Key Executives

Where to Monitor
• Google Alerts
• Yahoo Alerts
• RSS feed subscriptions to search results Technorati, Yahoo & Google News, BlogPulse
• Social Media via tags: tagbulb, tagfetch, keotag

Optimization is very, very important for reputation management. It has tremendous impact on brand reputation. It also displaces negative search results.

Treat the Symptoms:
Always companies want to protect their brand visibility on the web page. So, optimizing all digital content is an essential part of reputation management. So, focuses must be given on optimization of PR, marketing, SEO, HR, investor relations and related electronic content. All these are available publicly on the social media and web page. In the SERPs, text, images, audio and video will produce more branded content.

Tips for managing your business’s online reputation:
• Try to avoid controversial comments
• Don’t express your private life through the online world
• Try to find out the exact cause of the problem
• Train your employees for maintaining reputation
• Be careful when you tweet or post, it should derail your company
• Key eye on proper submission of correct and relevant tweets and posts
• Use social media monitoring tools and be present always in social media
• Avoid contradictory view and review tweets and posts related to business matters
• Build a great service or product for customers’ orientation
• Don’t lie. Be relevant to the topic

How to remove or bury negative search results:
• Always undertake research and find out merits
• Control the content, if not, then send a request to the site’s webmaster
• Create profiles
• Provide the facts
• Make corrections
• Post client testimonials on your website
• Post blog, forum and social media profiles
• Be honest
• Be transparent, open minded and listen to others

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