Tips for Event Planners to Maximise ROI

Event planning through online media is a stupendous task. It requires high level knowledge of online media. It provides tremendous opportunity for building deep relationship with targeted audience. The sole intention of building relationship with the targeted customers lies in lead generation and creation of goodwill. Through execution of various events, consumers are persuaded to buy the products and services offered by the company. So, event promotion provides a unique atmosphere for the organisation to go an extra mile.
Event promotion is not considered to be a panacea for business promotion. It provides a way-out for a business entity to understand the changing nature of customers’ mindset. As a marketer, you have to target the right people and connecting them with the right way to generate efficient business leads.

For an efficient event planning, you have to generate a dedicated page for your live event, pregnant with relevant information about your event and you have to frame a sign-up form for proper participation in your event. So, your event planning would be easier and accessible to all your targeted audiences.
Before planning an event, you have to focus on the number of participants and budget available for event. You have to fix a convenient time to prepare the event. Time frame should be comfortable for most of the audience.
Scheduling is the vital concept for organizing an event. There are three aspects which should be given importance including, pre-event, during the event and post-event. Enlist the task what you need to perform during each stage of event. For each task, set an assigned time and person.

Your promotional activity will be segmented and you can use demographics including location, job title and industry. For each segment, you have to attain sub-goals and follow various communication strategies for each segment. As an event planner, you have to very serious about the importance and glory of social media. You have to enable people to register to your event using Facebook. This will provide on the part of your friend to spread out the words to his/her friends. Same thing you can do by using Google plus and Tweeter also. On the other hand you can redirect registrant to a thank-you page, so social sharing action would easily be possible without any huddle.

You can easily use Google AdWords to advertise your event. You can analyze traffic data and visitors through various analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel.
For offline marketing, you can use traditional way of promoting an event such as leaflets, invitation cards and letters.

On Event Day
Prepare for emergency: Keep key eye on problematic scenarios that create any sort of huddles on the way of promoting live events. Have a team for emergency and mitigation handling.

Post Event Day
Focus should be given on post event day because you have to convert participants into customers. So, various factors are given below.
• Keep key eye on email participants and their responds
• Upload videos related to event
• Publish presentation
• Create relevant article
• Create slideshows (Publish them on various platforms such Slideshare)
• Follow up the event on social media platforms

If events are managed efficiently, there is definite increase of business promotions and it has tremendous impact on ROI.

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