The Tale of Selfless Love Exuded Beautifully by OLX

A couple sacrificing their prized possessions for each other’s happiness is the most beautiful thing you will come across today on the digital media platform. OLX has launched a new commercial named “The Story of Selfless Love” under their ongoing campaign #LittleJoysOfLife, which has been wonderfully crafted to touch every soul with emotion. The video, which slightly resembles the story of “The Gift of Magi” by legendary American author O. Henry, has left no stone unturned in moving people with its brilliant content.

Unlike the short story by O. Henry, this video depicts the story of a photographer and painter, who let go of their dreams in order to fulfill each other’s dreams. Under financial restrains the couple seems to be happy, engraved in their world of selfless love that they created surrounding them. Conveying a strong message of love through the video, OLX has done an exceptional work to reach out to people’s hearts. It has been evident that advertisement with an emotional touch has always done wonders for brands and OLX is following the same route to achieve success in the digital media landscape.

Experience the beauty of selfless love and fall for your beloved once again, watching the video.

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