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Digital Marketing: An Effective Marketing Channel For Business

With the advent of science and technology, business entities witness a great change in their nature, structure and functions of marketing. The traditional concept of marketing has already been changed. Modern business has to adopt a new concept of marketing that is called digital marketing. Business entities are highly oriented to implement various digital marketing […]

Brand Management through Social Media

Modern business is guided by the influence of social media. It has become an important tool for promotion of products and services. No business is exempted from the influence of the social media. It has become the center of every business entity. In recent times, many brand managers are well oriented towards the brand’s identity […]

Social Media Marketers: Inculcate Social Media Habits and Improve your Marketing Skills

Social media marketing is nothing but a process of bringing website traffic or attention through social media sites. In today’s world, electronic word of mouth (eWoM) plays a vital role for promotion of products and services. It basically focuses on consumers’ statement share via the Internet, it may be through websites, social networks, instant messages, […]

First Indian Lesbian Ad Creating Waves in the Social Media

In a country where homosexuality is punishable under the law, Anouk Ethnic, a clothing brand in India has come up with a commercial titled, “The Visit”, which shows a lesbian couple preparing to meet their parents. The commercial has created a lot of hue and cry among the masses and has more than three million […]

Build an Audience on YouTube

Why you must try YouTube for catching the attention of the audience? YouTube is the known and the biggest online video-sharing platform. People use the benefits and features of this platform to keep an eye on the audience. Via this website, one can easily host and run any kind of business without any hassle. Generally […]