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Is your website affected by the latest Google Penguin 4.0 update?

Is your website affected by the latest Google Penguin 4.0 update?What is new in latest update? There are two important points to take from this latest update. 1-  According to Google, Penguin goes real-time. The latest update incorporates the Penguin update in core algorithm of Google, which means there is no more Penguin update in […]

How to Improve Your Website Ranking after Google Panda & Hummingbird upgrades?

No one can neglect the importance and relevance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google’s dynamism sometimes creates a stumbling block on the way of SEO. With its continuous update, many website owners are in dilemma in regards to SEO. Without a proper SEO, there is no question of popularity of your website. So proper implementation […]

Understand the negatives of the Low Quality Content via the New Panda Update

Is your company lacking the higher ranking in a well-known search engine? Planning to attract audiences for increasing proper website? Are you actually making so many efforts towards increasing the visibility of your webpage? If yes, then make the people aware about the upcoming changes of Google Panda and other marketing strategies.

Another Penalty Mistake Made by Google

Buffer’s website faced a serious dropdown of 90% in Google’s traffic, recovered after Google managed to debug an unhandled issue. Courtney Seiter, owner of Buffer stated that Buffer’s blog faced an unavoidable situation that was a penalty mistake from Google’s end which proved to be drastic for the redirecting organic traffic to the site. Almost […]