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5 ways to boost online sales

5 factors to boost online sales

In this digitally competitive market space, each organization wants to secure the top position when it comes to online presence. Digital marketing is the most important and effective means of online promotions. When it comes to measure the online marketing performance, it is measured in the number of generated and converted leads. Nowadays, companies focus […]

Digital Marketing Tips for Bringing Prospects to Your E-Commerce Website

In the field of digital marketing, website plays a vital role. Your website is nothing but an index of the company. To speak in other words, your website is an instrument in the hands of the digital marketers to create new leads. In the true sense of the term, development and management of the website […]

Higher Education Marketers: Stay Abreast of Website Features

With the advent of the internet, the whole nature, structure and functions of the marketing has already been changed. The bricks and mortar of marketing have witnessed a complete transformation in the online business. In the field of education, digital marketing has a great value. No one can undermine the importance of digital marketing. For […]

Propel Your Start-ups through Digital-Marketing

Your idea is nothing but a result of your experience and knowledge. When it is materialised, it becomes a new venture or a start-up. If you have launched a start-up recently, you know you are having no sufficient capital to compete with others. In true sense, you have to compete with other business giants by […]

Apple Celebrates Indian Wedding with its New Commercial for iPhone 6

Weddings in India are always extravagant and grand. Taking this celebration as a theme, US based tech giant Apple has launched its first ever India centric commercial for its recentmobile phone iPhone 6. Capturing the rituals of great Indian wedding, the ad was released on Friday and has received more than 100 thousand views on […]