Tactics and Techniques to Drive New Traffic to your Old Blog Posts

Modern age is an age of social media and digital marketing. Each and every marketing entity is engaged in the promotion of products and services. In order to attain various types of business goals and objectives, they concentrate on developing high quality content to bring about more and more traffic to search engines. Search Engine Optimisation has become a unique instrument used by the digital marketing for traffic creation.

In recent times, blogging has become one of the most important instruments in the hands of the marketers to bring about high traffic and easy way to promote brands. But in sometimes, the marketers come across various problems on the way of their business success.

No doubt, you are promoting new blog posts for more and more traffic generation and you share them on various social media websites, still you are not able to get a certain amount of traffic.

If you want to drive more traffic to older blogs, there are various ways to follow.One of the most important and easiest ways to improve the search rankings for your blog posts is to improve the titles of the posts by making sure your keywords appear in the titles.

Try to replace your images with new, Pinterest friendly images. Generate taller, graphically-interesting images that are more likely to get pinned and shared for easy social traffic.

For better traffic of your blog, try to link older posts from newer ones. In addition, those links will be able to improve the SEO of the original post as well.

If you want to promote archive post, please, schedule tweets and other updates through various tools available in the markets including TweetDeck, Hootsuite, or Buffer, etc. Actually, I am not a fan of automatic social media updates and automatic tweets, but we have witnessed many good responses from scheduling.

Don’t mention the date on the blog. It’s nothing but a way of letting people know when you created the post, but in real sense, it just looks like an expiration date.

Be careful. Try all these tactics and techniques to bring more and more traffic to your old blog posts. Please encourage people to read and share your content for healthy traffic creation.

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