Stay ahead of the competition with Bing’s Competitive Bid Opportunities for Advertisers

Traditional concept of advertising has already been changed. Gone are the days of print media and TV advertising. In order to gain a quick response many advertisers are oriented towards the glory and importance of various social media sites. In the true sense of the term, social media has become a unique platform for advertisers.

Many search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are more interested to develop various tools which allow advertisers to stack themselves up against the competition.

Over the past few months, Bing has helped many advertisers tremendously. It has added better competitive tools for efficient advertising. Bing is highly focused to develop advertising tools for easy comparison between a company and their competition. It offers bid- related opportunities for proper optimisation of your ads and to create the best possible position. With Bing advertising tools, you will get a chance to add another aspect of ad optimization to your toolbox; Competitive Bid Opportunity.

Through competitive bid opportunity you can identify the number of keywords for which your ads could potentially show more often for in relation to other advertisers who are competing for the same traffic. It will provide you with positive suggestions on which bid to raise.

The Competitive Bid Opportunity feature developed by Bing is able to identify which advertisers you can optimize against by pulling impression share data from the auction insights report. So please refer to your impression share growth in order to assess how effective your optimization efforts are.

The Competitive Bid Opportunity feature is a boon for advertisers. It will provide you great competitive advantages to drive the best possible results with your Bing Ads campaigns.

In a true sense of the term, a successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign is all about generating ROI-positive conversions at a lower cost than your competitors to grow your business. If you are really want to stay ahead of the competitor, please use the competitive bid opportunity feature developed by Bing.

Notably, this feature is currently only available to US advertisers.

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