Start-ups: Beware of SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization has become a propelling force for every business entity. It has changed the true nature, structure and functions of marketing world. It has become an important aspect for making your website easy for both users and search engine to understand. Due to the proper implication of SEO techniques, business entities are able to promote their products and services very easily. At the same time, businesses will able to attract customers’ orientations. This is the one part of the story about SEO. As an SEO analyst, you should be aware of the other part of SEO. You should keep a key eye on mistakes committed by start-ups. If you are able to avoid some common pitfalls, you will definitely succeed in the process of marketing your products and services. So, care must be given to establishment of an integrated marketing strategy. So, the proper growth and development of business entities, the marketers and SEO analyst should be aware of some important factors which create huddles on the way of SEO. SEO mistakes that start-ups make: A small mistake committed by the start-ups lead the ruination. In the initial period of development, no company is focused on SEO. Founding members start-ups are normally engaged in different directions. On the other hand, Tech start-up teams are also engaged in design and development of initial structures. Another mistake has been done by the business entity is; creation of duplicate content, that means the same content is accessible through two or more URLs. This problem is limited to a single domain. Duplicate content has been a serious issue which is detrimental for significant search engine visibility. So be aware of duplicate content. It

is very easy to assume that your work is perfectly done once you hit the front page tech rag. No doubt, brand impressions play a great role, but in the real sense of the term, the links are still the lifeblood of SEO. Creating grate PR content is vital for brand promotions. On the other hand, if progress is not seen immediately, SEO campaigns are often shut down by the start-ups and resources are allocated elsewhere. As you know, every page on your site should have a unique page title and meta description. Using the same page title and meta description site wide both are some sort of responsible for creating problems on the way of SEO. Many start-ups are constantly changing with the change of time and market structures and they are rigorously engaged in testing new ideas. But the main thing lies in falling in love with your UI & UX, at the Expense of SEO. The actual fact is that the implication of SEO typically doesn’t bring significant revenue overnight. As an SEO analyst you should be very serious about SEO mistakes and rectify them as soon as possible. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments.

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