Social media monitoring software for business entities

Social media has become the life blood of business. Business enterprises want to promote their product and services for their business growth. Businesses are aiming to tap into public

opinion and discover what people really think about them, their ideas and their products. Online conversation has brought a certain level of honesty and transparency. On the other hand, gone are the days to set up an email alert on Google for brand mentions and be content with daily updates. Many reputed brands are engaged in realizing the importance of listening to conversations for their business promotions. Besides, listening, conversation plays an important role. Business entities are bound to get insight from social media for undertaking research and development on their products. They are focused to keep a key eye on various social media and monitoring on them for business promotions. So, tracking and monitoring is not an easy task. Social media conversation is vital concept. Its glory and importance will not be undermined. Taking all these things into consideration, various enterprise solutions have been developed for fulfilling in-depth requirements of a social media monitoring command center. Radian6: It is a good choice for your organization. Radian6 offers users comprehensive coverage of discussions on the social web, covering hundreds of millions of blogs, comments, the public Facebook API and the full Twitter firehose. It is also scalable within an enterprise. As a unique software, it provides a one-stop shop for engaging on your social channels. Radian6 is well integrated with Salesforce, Webtrends, Omniture and Google Analytics. Attensity360 Social Media Monitoring: It continuously monitors and analyzes social media conversations and their impact on businesses As a SaaS based application, it helps you to monitor all your brands across social media. It continually monitors and analyze social media conversations in review sites, blogs, forums, twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos and mainstream news and more. Infegy: It is important software you can easily monitor social media. Its Social Radar is a unique social media monitoring and analytics platform through which you can measure online sentiments. You are also able to know the growing trends of the markets, predict consumer needs and conduct online market research. Through this product, you can also implement new corporate strategy for their brands, products and services. UberVu: It is also important software which has been implemented by various business entities for monitoring and tracking of social media. It specially keeps importance on conversations on social media. It is very easy to understand and easy to implement. Enterprise: It is very popular software which has been used as URL shortner in many social media channels. It does not offer you dashboard kind software. It provides something unique method for tracking and monitoring social media websites. So, can report trends as it happens, even before becoming news. Its live trend charts are impressive. Meltwater Buzz: As a SaaS based social media monitoring tool, it offers three part console including listen, engage and monitor. It has the capacity to search over 200 million online social media sources. It also engaged in offering emotional insights into underlying themes, sentiment, influencers and more. It has become a great interface and unique tool for social collaboration. This software will give a complete solution for real time social media monitoring. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments.

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