Social Media Marketing focuses on audience rather than brands or products……..

Social Media Marketing is a marketing technique that focuses on audience rather than brands or products (Diamond, 2008). The products can be presented by the company with as many qualitative features and promotional tools as possible, but what really matters are the positive reviews of the audience you are focusing. People posts creative content, and this is the reason why Social Media Marketing has become scary as well as challenging for the marketers. They do not control the marketing content anymore. Negative word-of-mouth can be spread worldwide in a couple of minutes only. With the explosion of Internet-based messages transmitted through the Social Media, they are now a main factor in influencing many aspects of consumer behavior, such as awareness, consideration, information gathering, opinions, attitudes, purchasing decisions and post-purchase evaluation.
International marketers need to recognize the

power and critical nature of the conversations being hold by consumers using Social

Media. Consequently, the ability of influencing the crowd effectively is the main quality needed by the marketing team (Evans, 2008). Also, what is important about Social Media Marketing is that marketers can listen, track and measure what is shared on the Social Media Platforms in order to improve the offered message and adapt it more to the customers’ needs. Thanks to the Social Media analytics and metrics available, the impact of Social Media on a company’s marketing strategy can be measured and evaluated relatively easily.

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