SEO experts: Be aware of the Penguin 3.0 update.

Google has always been a master of search engines & updation has been its habit.. It is infamous for multiple updates every year in its functionalities & algorithms making SEO more complex.

It has been almost a year since google has updated penguin algorithm, code named penguin 2.1. It was quite evident that google was not willing to accept the criticism that he faced with the release of its previous update. The previous algorithm had proven to be a real disgrace on the image of Google, but now they have come up with more enthusiasm of clearing their past records and unleashing the new and more effective Penguin update.

John Mueller reported on Hangouts this morning that penguin 3.0 which will be 6th update in this series to be launching by this year 2014. He stated “I am pretty confident we will have something in the reasonable future.”

Now what did he actually mean by “reasonable future”? Since google went for a gap of 11 months before launching any updates so its pretty much sure that before the anniversary one would be released but still it’s an expectation & not confirmation.

Our expectations led us to believe that Penguin’s new update will be released soon, but Google was much dedicated towards the success of the current launching as well as slamming all the previous criticism, so it is for sure that Google’s new update must be undergoing a lot of “Testing” phase on both offline and live Index and once it passes every one of it successfully then it will be released soon.

According to what Google had stated it has been a real challenge to maintain the stature of the algorithm, but now they are almost to the edge of completion and release of the update.

Stay tuned for more updates from Google and us.

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