Second US Visit of Prime Minister Modi: Will it Boost the Digital Transformation?

The atmosphere in Silicon Valley was energetic; people were chanting “Modi” and “Vande Mataram” to greet Indian Prime Minister. During the second visit to US, PM Modi decided to visit Facebook and Google Headquarters. In his two days visit to Silicon Valley, PM Narendra Modi was scheduled to interact with Sundra Pichai, CEO of Google and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. The purpose of this visit was to empower the digitalization and open more business opportunities in India (Global investment). Heading as per schedule, he first visited the Facebook Headquarter, where Mark Zuckerberg greeted him. The meeting started with a remarkable speech amidst the audiences wherein Modi emphasized on the significance of digitalization and social media platforms.

He quoted that in future cities will be settled around the fibre networks, not highways or rivers. Mark Zuckerberg had planned a Q&A session with PM Modi. Modi answered all questions in “Hindi” language. Here are some highlights of his meeting with Mark Zuckerberg.

Digital perspective of this visit:

Visiting the worlds’ technology Hub Silicon Valley indicates that India has geared up for embracing the digital transformation completely. From the digital revolution perspective, this US visit of PM Modi is very significant. Scrutinizing the speech and meeting discussion of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, we would like to highlight some important points that can truly boost the digital transformation in India.  Overall digital concept in India is going to be broader with the inclusion of more new technologies with the collaboration of US. The entire discussion was revolved around the digitalization – how to speed up the process of connecting everyone with the internet technology and social media platforms.

  • Prime Minister Modi was asked about the deregulation of starting a new venture. He quoted example “starting a scooter is easy but starting a train takes time”. He mentioned that India is a huge country wherein implementation of changes takes time. He proposed to integrate the digitalization in venture startup process.
  • He expressed his vision to connect more than 600,000 villages with internet technology in next 5 years.
  • Mr. Modi said digitalization is the demand of hour which will surely empower the people to gain knowledge.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is planning for expansions in India; this meeting will surely pave a foundation for his ambition as well as strengthens the digital technology in India.

Further as per his schedule, Mr. Modi visited Google Headquarter where in Sundar Pichai greeted him. He was further taken around by Pichai and shown some latest Google projects and cutting-edge technology including with Google earth and Iris project. Google CEO, Pichai expressed his desire to provide Wi-Fi connectively to more than 500 Indian railways stations. This will surely provide a boost up the digital transformation in India. Moreover, Pichai announced that very soon new Android OS will be launched that will enable Indians to type 11 different Indian languages. Here are highlights of meeting with Google CEO.

  • Prime Minister Modi praised Google employees for Hackathon and wished for such a culture in India.
  • Moreover, he announced that with collaboration of Google, Indian railway will provide Wi-Fi connectivity in 500 railways stations.
  • He acknowledged the significance technology and urged employees to come up with ideas to solve the poverty problem.
  • Pichai explained street view and Google Earth functionalities to Modi
  • Further, Pichai expressed that there is immense hunger for technology in India. Google will launch particular Android for Indian people.

These updates indicate the digital transformation but it is a long way to go. Such meetings and initiatives will surely connect the remote areas of India to the Internet technology spreading knowledge and technology. These initiatives of PM Modi are highly commendable in the journey of making India a complete digital world.

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