Practical and Technical Aspects of Optimizing your SMO

I am asking a pertinent question to you. Is SEO dead? What is the answer? But I am damn sure that the value of SEO has been decreasing with the emergence of Social Media Optimization (SMO). But there is some sort of relationship between SEO and SMO. To generate viral publicity, SMO has become a unique technique to increase the product awareness and drive traffic from social media sites. SMO focuses on proper use of RSS feeds, social news, bookmarking sites, social media sites and video & blogging sites. Social Media Optimization is similar to SEO. But the ultimate goal is to generate traffic and awareness for the website. But in the real sense of the term, social media optimization focuses on optimizing website and its content sharing across various social media and networking sites. Seven steps to improve your SMO: Reputation: Try to focus on building the company’s reputation for brand promotion and services •Engagement : Increase and encourage your engagement with maximum sharing and re-sharing, twitting and re tweeting •Authority : Try to be a notable authority in your field of expertise •Leadership : Exhibit original quality & creativity and be a dynamic leader •Social : Explore the way out to be more social and engage sociable experts in your field •Media : Knowledge of various social media platforms for maximizing our social influence •Optimization : Sufficient care must be given on technical aspects to increase

optimization If all these seven points are efficiently managed and executed with definite care, you will improve your SMO easily. On the other hand, you can enhance authority and value of your content through social proofs. The more you are able to share your content with plus ones, re tweets, bookmarks or likes, the more it signifies the value and usefulness of your content. Content with proper optimization will persuade others to go through your content. Technical aspects of optimizing your SMO: Share buttons: Please add share buttons to your content for efficient sharing by the user. You will be able to see the number sharing. Social Icons: Display and group your social icons in important place on your website. Subscription options: Give importance on grouping together subscription options including email, RSS, and newsletters. Shareable content: Some content is easily sharable. So, care should be given on info graphic and top five articles. Thing is that the well written content will be easily shared. Social login: For attracting user to comment on your website, please use social login options. Rich snippets: Different social networking sites are pulling data in different ways. So, care should be given on managing and optimizing rich snippets used by various social media. Title tags: So, proper optimization, care should be given to sharing of title tag, especially on Twitter, which is character based and include also your name. Images: Setting relevant images will definitely add value to your content. Images can be also used as thumbnails in your content. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments.

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