Pinterest Marketing Tactics for Business Entities

Social media have touched each and every aspect of human life. It has also become a new marketing tactic for the various business entities. No business is free from the influence of of social media. It has been the tremendous concept for business promotions. In this connection the role of many social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and Pinterest can not be undermined. Research conducted by Adobe’s shows that 15% of all social media referrals come from Pinterest, such a figure that is more than the twice the share of Twitter and second only to social media behemoth, Facebook. So, Pinterest has become real tool for your social media marketing. If you have decided to go ahead on a pinning spree, so you have to keep focused on a few basics. It is advisable not to look at Pinterest as a backup social media platform. Give important on Pinterest to see results soon enough. On the other hand, the users of Pinterest are voracious consumers of content. Currently, there is availability of 30 billion pins and counting on Pinterest. That means you have signed up your business for it. Time must be given on a daily basis for building up your boards and pins on your interest account. The same content will not generate leads. You have to build a complete profile page for your business and a great image will definitely increase brand promotion. Another fundamental thing is to mention keywords for ensuring the importance of your profile. It is very easy to see brands the connection between variety and engagement. The brand with the largest number of boards on the most varied topics, see the highest engagement rates of interest. Another concept of marketing on Pinterest is to promote your Pinterest page via your blog and email marketing. If it is done, it will increase your lead and promote your business in a positive direction. At the same time, your hard work you spent in creating or curating your fabulous content will provide highest benefit for your company. Like most other social media platforms, interest helps to boost your SEO rankings. Another effective addition is hash tags. The use of hash tags on interest will definitely bring success in your marketing endeavors. Importance must be given on

conversion rate. Have conversion with your follower. There’s so much that can be done with this messaging feature. • Reach out to fans • Offer thanks to followers through a personalized message • Send out personalized coupons or gift cards • Setting up group conversations In this way interest has become a remarkable analytic for business accounts. With the help of Pinterest analytic, you can know your users and the type of content pinned by the most users. Another concept is trying to use dashboard like Cyfe that lets you see all analytic data from your social media accounts. And your websites and your CRM tools will be in one place. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments.

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