PageRank: A Strong Brick in the Wall for your Website

Google is very dynamic in nature. According to the market’s nature, structure and users’ requirement, it has been changing its algorithm from time to time. Page Rank has been the most important part of the Google’s algorithm. Page Rank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google.

Page Rank is all about the number of links pointing to a website. In a true sense of the term, Page Rank is nothing but a unique way of measuring the importance of website pages. The vital thing is that Google doesn’t only take into account the number of links but their quality as well. Attracting a high number of relevant links is an indication of a quality website for the SERPs.

How to Increase PageRank?

If you are a website owner, be aware of the relevance of PageRank. It refers to the increase of the number of links and their quality. We have to follow various techniques to increase page ranking. However, you have to be extra careful when using them, so as to avoid black hat techniques and unnatural link sources. Amongst the best techniques available are:

- Guest posting
- Writing articles for big newspapers and magazines using the program HARO to pitch journalists
- Adding your company to Wikipedia building many landing pages for long tail keywords (this way you are winning a link from the rankings of Google)
- Using good and recognizable directories of your niche

How to check PageRank?

The most important thing in the web world is checking of page rank. Please try to add the extension in the toolbar of the browser what you are using.

Another important way of monitoring your website’s page rank will be possible by using various tools including Google pagerank checker, Backlink hunter, Link popularity checker, Link structure, Backlink analysis, etc.

Besides PageRank, other important factors for ranking have been the most important metrics for good ranking on the SERPs. These are given below.

- Facebook shares and likes
- Twitter retweets
- Authority of the domain
- Speed of loading the page
- G+ shares and likes
- Low bounce rate (good usability)
- Number of words on the page
- Traffic of the website

If you are able to apply all these techniques of page ranking, you will be able to generate a decent number of backlinks and your website will be definitely viewed on the first positions of the search engines. As a website owner, try to combine all these strategies and metrics and start a new journey on the SERPs.

To be frank, page ranking is alive now; it’s just a brick in the wall for your website. To develop an efficient website and page raking, please apply all these techniques and tactic mentioned by webisdom is India based leading digital marketing company provides industry based solutions for digital marketing and helps industries to get high ROI.

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