Online Media Buying Portfolio- Don’t leave any stone unturned

Online presence and lead generation has become the recent trend of Global market. Most of the companies have now moved into online business. Being one of the best medium of reaching out the potential customers, companies have now started investing most of their marketing budget into online. It is very crucial for any companies to know their target customer and their online behaviour to distribute the media expenditure

Being in the field of digital marketing as a Project Manager from last 1 year, I have observed several project and also planned for several companies in various domain. Planning for media buying is really a mind game and data driven approach. The perfect blend cannot determine in the first go

Since we do not know the exact behaviour of customers we must select various possible platforms from where we can generate leads. The best way is to design a portfolio. Distribute your budget into all possible platforms like

  • In Search go for Google, Yahoo, Bing and some other
  • In Social Media go for Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and some new platforms like Pinterest.
  • Go for Online display with selected sites based on target group.
  • Invest in Email marketing.
  • Invest in Email marketing.

As a summary I just want to suggest be careful while making your media expenditure. The selection must be based on data and ROI. Do the experiments with a low budget for at least a month, based on the data of the 1st month revise your portfolio. Analyse you ROI and again re plan your budget.

Expenditure on various platforms will help you to make strong online presence. You will be able to generate leads from every possible area.

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DON’T LEAVE ANY STONE UNTURNED- Stay tuned for another blog on SEM.

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By Binod Das (Project Manager)

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