In the modern times, Social media has touched each and every aspect of human life. Business men are also oriented towards the value and relevance of social media. In a true sense of the term, the digital landscape is changing rapidly. You must have seen various changes in the previous year. But this year, you will come across many interesting changes in the digital advertising sector such as Twitter’s objective-based (CPA) campaigns, the introduction of ads on Instagram and, of course the re-launch of Atlas, after being acquired by Facebook. You marketers are engaged in the planning and execution of digital advertising strategy, but digital landscape will take on its own shape. You have to adjust the changing nature of the digital world and implement various techniques for bringing about sure shot success.

This year you will witness positive result for eCommerce businesses. Facebook and Twitter are both engaged in the development of new techniques to grab the changing nature of the markets and their audience. They focus on call to Ads. Recently facebook launched a new product – the multi-product ad – and improved Website Custom Audiences, aimed specifically at eCommerce.

Through multi-product ads, the advertisers are able to showcase three products, or three different images of the same product, within a single ad unit.

If you look down Facebook, videos have become one of the most view shared form of content and have massively grown to orient the targeted audience.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are highly focused to launch video Ads this year. I think, the use of video in the field of social media advertising, will grow day by day. In addition, most of the advertisers are of view that the Facebook video views are cheaper than other video platforms. You will also witness the influence of SOLOMO (Social – Local – Mobile) in the digital arena. The use of mobile is rapidly growing as the preferred form of access to more digital content including, of course, social media. So try to align your online and your offline marketing.

As a marketer what you can do? You can do a little research to understand your customers’ intention and orientations. If you understand the audience, you will be able to implement new strategy for them. Another point is; try to incorporate more powerful imagery and storytelling, where relevant, into your Facebook and Twitter ads.

Your business success is tremendously depended on clear understanding of the digital world and various social media techniques, tactics, tools and their developed research trends.

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