Mobile Advertising Pays Off By Leaps And Bounds

Mobile Advertising has become one of the important advertising platforms in recent times. In comparison to desktop search and adverting, mobile ads are growing faster. Now advertisers are interested in applying cross channel strategy for efficient promotion of products and services. Mobile has also become a channel advertisements and conversions. Through mobile Ads, the traditional conversion gaps have been narrowing between display, search and social. According to study, 62 percent of clicks come from mobile – it may be smart phones or tablets. Having realised this value and importance of mobile devices, the advertisers are more oriented towards the mobile Ads.

According to the data analysed by Marin Software’s Online Advertising Index, the share of paid search clicks on mobile rose from 32 percent to 44 percent between January and December last year. This figure is expected to break the 50 percent barrier by the middle of Q4 this year. Matt Ackley, CMO of Marin Software is of opinion that, most people are taking interest to jump from desktop to mobile while researching and buying products. But in true sense of the term, clicking on mobile ads is not a panacea to create direct conversions. According to the study, advertisers are interested in adopting various multiple channels to reach out the consumers.

Advantages of Mobile Advertising:
• Products and services of any company are very easily accessible.
• Cost effective marketing for product and services of the company.
• It addresses to your targeted audience as per their needs.
• Easy to create customer’s database.
• Mobile ads are proven more personal and friendly.
• There are no time and location barriers for marketers through mobile ads.

Mobile advertising has become a part of marketing program by the businesses worldwide. If you are well aware of the marketing and advertising trend through mobile, your business will definitely promote your business without any delay.

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