In the arena of digital marketing, local business has a stupendous role to play. Google is changing its algorithms constantly keeping a key eye on the changing nature of markets. Google’s nature has become very dynamic in recent time.

Google has launched Pigeon, a new algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results. This new algorithm developed by Google has improved distance and location ranking parameters. A large number of the users depend heavily on various search engines to find what they are looking for on the Internet. If you really want to increase your business and ROI, you have to focus on the importance and relevance of local searches. In the true sense, local businesses usually want to attract customers from the local area.

If you want the ranking of your page, implement local search engine optimization techniques. Local SEO is highly depends on to what extent are you able to add location information into your website.

- Let’s take a look at some important recent updates in the local search arena.
- Moz has become a great place to start local search ranking factors
- Pigeon introduced by Google has drastically changed the way that local
- Introduction of the local carousel for many types of business
- Google’s updated Google My Business guidelines.

Important Local SEO tactics
- Creation of quality and informative content and optimize it with local signals
- Focus should be given on your local page, it must be unique and well-written
- Creating of local content for your blog
- Optimize the heck out of your Google My Business listing
- Inclusion of some good links to your site
- Clean up your citations
- Efficient review of your products and services and place them on other third party sites
- Use of various social media sites as an instrument of efficient interaction with your customers
- Creation of quality articles based on local business trends and users’ buying psychology.

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