LinkedIn to analyze your actions through its ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’

The rise and growth of social media in the internet world has left no stone unturned. To speak in other words, it has touched each and every aspect of human life and organic growth and development of any business entity. To grab the business and create orientations towards products and services, many business entities are bound to involve in social media interactions. In this connection, many social websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin are playing their respective roles on the basis of software programming and analytical tools involved in them.

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking website, available in 20 languages. For generating new business and attracting new clients, LinkedIn plays a dominant role.

Your LinkedIn profile is nothing but a personification of your professional story. It provides a definite impression about you to people who you are, what is your passion and what is your goal. It also provides information to open up your next chapter in your professional life.

LinkedIn has many features including user profile network, security, applications, mobile, groups, job listings, skills, influencers and advertising and for-pay research, etc.

‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ feature of LinkedIn is used to gauge your professional connection and engagement. It has become the most interesting part and popular destination on LinkedIn. It provides a graphical representation about who is looking at your profile. How various actions taken by you led to various engagements including making various updates to your profile, endorsing a connection, joining a group or expanding your network. This feature focuses on professional goals, maximization of engagement for better opportunities in your professional career. If you are a member of an important industry group, you can use this feature for attracting new clients and generating business leads for promotion of product and services. If you are looking for a new job, it is helpful for your career growth.

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