LinkedIn: Groups versus Company Pages

​LinkedIn is a social media platform that is basically used for professional networking. It was launched in May, 2003, in more than 18 languages. LinkedIn, similar to Facebook in promoting businesses is also a best platform to network professionally. Even it can be used for various other aspects like to post jobs, recruit employees and even for freelancing. So if you want to utilize LinkedIn in a best way for your business needs, then you must understand the benefits of its different resources, like Groups and Company Pages. Groups are a way to network, whereas Company Pages are best for marketing.

LinkedIn groups, comparatively have a better reach than a Company page and therefore are a perfect place for sharing contents. Groups also offer an excellent way of getting engaged with the customers and other businesses, stressing keywords and increasing interest in your company. Even Groups are an excellent way of communicating with other Group members as well as advertising the company at the same time. People join groups if they are interested in a topic and not on the basis of a company. The post in the groups must be educational or discussion prompts.

A Company Page is like your company’s website on LinkedIn. Any LinkedIn member can follow a Company Page. People use your company’s page for research, to stay updated and know events going on at your company. A Company page is a platform where people visit when they are already interested in your company. Thus, it should be informative above all else. According to LinkedIn, “A Company Page reveals the human side of your company.”

There are endless options to leverage LinkedIn to enhance your reach and develop your proficiency. Now it is up to you to decide which one best suits your business.

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