Link Popularity Improves Search Engine Ranking of your Webpage

Link popularity is one of the most important factors in search engine ranking of your webpage. Various search engines rank web pages based on the number of links that point to them. Back links used by Google have become the most important factor when ranking sites. Other search engines like Yahoo and Bing also use link popularity in their formulas. If you are an owner of a successful web site, you must have good back links, also known as high link popularity. In true sense of the term, link popularity refers to the total number of web sites that link to your site. Link popularity generates healthy traffic to your website. Links are nothing but an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic.

If your link popularity is high, then many people are able to link your site. Be careful, your site must contain content and information that people find useful. If you are an SEO analyst, don’t neglect the relevance of Google page rank, it has tremendous importance and significance in SEO. It assigns web pages a numerical value that is a representation of their link popularity. With the help of link popularity, you can establish an efficient search engine marketing and link building strategy. Finding a right site to approach is vital to increasing your popularity.

Approaching the wrong site, would quickly sabotage your efforts. So selecting the right site can help pave the way to quickly and effectively increasing your link popularity.

Benefits of link popularity

- Page rank
- Direct traffic
- Deep indexing
- Indexing dynamic pages
- Wider search engine coverage
- Leading competition

Without link popularity, it is very difficult to determine the concept of search engine ranking. Most of the people do not realize the relevance and complete benefits of a well-defined link building campaign. As an SEO analyst, you should be aware of the glory and relevance of Link popularity. It is a unique way to improve the search engine ranking of your webpage if done in specific ways.

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