Internal links boost search engine ranking

Internal links play a stupendous role in your onsite search engine optimization. To speak in other words, it provides some sort of lubricating oil to the machine of search engine optimization.

For navigation of your website internal links plays a vital role. Internal links are necessary for both visitors to your website and search engines. So as an SEO analyst, you have to make a proper balance between creating internal links for the visitors as well as for search engines. So the creation and structuraisation of internal links are required for proper ranking of your websites. Through internal links you can strategically channel authority around your websites.

Internal links are totally different from external links. Internal links speak about the other pages of your own website, and external links speaks about the pages that are not part of your website.
Wikipedia has dominated the search engine results pages for many keyword searches due to efficient use of internal links.

For creating strong internal links, many important factors must be taken into consideration, including XML sitemap for search engines as well as HTML sitemap for your human visitors. Internal linking structure also requires optimization of the menu links on your websites, liking of product page to the top categories and linking of blog content to your product pages and category pages.

For proper review and analysis of your website depends on key concepts like keywords, On-site optimization, content and backlinks. So an SEO analyst, you should give tremendous importance on internal links for proper rankings of websites in search engines.

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