Increase E-Commerce Sales by Using Social Media Tactics

In recent times, no business is free from the influence of the internet. Without the influence of the internet, there is no question of business prosperity and growth. For many business entities, it’s almost imperative to have an online presence for easy and efficient promotion of products and services. Most of the customers show their interested to purchase stuff online rather than purchasing from a store. The number of adults using social media, over the last few years, has skyrocketed worldwide.

To increase awareness regarding a product or service, social media has become a tremendous tool. It not only allows business entity to advertise products but also creates an environment for one-on-one customer service.
In the true sense of the term, social sites like Facebook and Pinterest are able to put little direct impact on sales. Their role in building brand awareness is also commendable, no one neglect it. Indirectly, brand awareness can affect sales and keeping the specifications of products in the minds of the customers. Social media has a great impact on every aspect of e-commerce including warehousing and order fulfillment.

In today’s digital marketing scenario, many businesses start campaign on social media site to generate traffic and increase product selling that ultimately generates ROI. If you really want to be a giant in the world of E-commerce, please implement the tactics and techniques of social media for your effective business promotions.

Use of social media to support E-Commerce
• It promotes brand awareness
• It serves as a channel to help consumers overcome their reluctance.
• It improves customer loyalty
• It provides insights for marketing
• It supports search engine optimization (SEO)

What merchants should do…?
• Think social, not to keep focus on Sales
• Start with a Definite Strategy
• Set up Measurable Objectives

Since Social Media is not a panacea for direct sales, but in the real sense, it has a great ability to build brand awareness, overcome reluctance, generate lead, and increase customer loyalty.

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