Inbound Marketing & Fact’s

With the advancement of marketing world, today various marketing approaches are being implemented to promote businesses online. Inbound Marketing, the most effective marketing strategy that is being primarily utilized to promote business in the web world. Apart from the old outbound marketing strategy of purchasing ads, email lists, & hoping for good leads, Inbound marketing concentrates on developing best quality material that attracts people towards your company and services provided.

The main steps in Inbound marketing is to attract strangers to your website and make them visitors. Now these visitors are converted into leads and gives us loyal customers through the promotion strategy.

    Facts about Inbound Marketing

· Today, almost 39% of B2B companies are using Twitter to acquire new customers while Facebook uses 41%.
· 93% of the companies are using an inbound marketing strategy to increase traffic on their website, of these 46% of the companies have increased their traffic above 50%.
· Inbound marketing actually requires awesome content writing, actionable social media strategy and precise search engine optimization simultaneously
· The success rate of Inbound marketing is 10 times higher than outbound marketing.

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