Important tips and tricks for BlogSpot SEO

Blogspot has become Google’s baby blogging Platform. If you use it properly, then you will be able to orient the attention of the targeted audience without any procrastination.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an unavoidable concept of blogging campaign. No doubt, SEO is an intricate and tricky task. As an SEO analyst and renowned blogger on Blogspot, you must be fallen in love with Google’s copious algorithm updates.

Recently, HubSpot has launched an SEO Panel which will help a blogger to optimize your blog posts. So, proper care should be taken for optimization. An SEO friendly blog will be helpful for online business.

You can find below some important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips for Blogspot blogs.

As a Blogger, you must have clear understanding of SEO terminology and its significance.

Format Blogger post URL link: Permalink plays a great role in search engine ranking of your post. There are few rules which everyone should follow for Blogspot permalinks:

  • Number of characters in post title to 50
  • Removal of stop words from permalink like (a, an, the)

    So, important thing is to edit the permalink and remove the stop words.

    Maintain the key word density: Key word density maintenance is an important aspect for better ranking. So, use proper ratio (2%) for maintaining keyword density for your Blog post SEO. Try to publish articles with necessary keyword placements which will attract the orientation of your targeted reader without any distractions.

    Blogspot proper labels and related posts: Labels play a vital role in your post. Labels add to the key word density of the post. Labels would not be based on single narrow category. It should be widened. Labels also affect widgets in Blogger. When many posts have been tagged with similar labels, then they will affect the arrangement of articles in related posts.

    Format Blogger post titles: Posting a title plays a major role in BlogSpot SEO. It is usually followed by home page title.

    Format Blogspot Images for SEO: Image optimization also plays a stupendous role in a blog. So, care should be taken for adding alt tag and title tags in every image on BlogSpot.

    Provide meta tags: Meta elements are tags used in HTML or XHTML documents. The main purpose of using tags is to provide structured metadata about a blog. On the other hand, tags used by the search engine; are important to identify the title, description, and other details of URL. So, provide good title, description and footer text on your blog for search engine optimization.

    Nofollow external links: To block search engine advantage of external inks in a website, Nofollow, an HTML attribute is specified on hyperlinks. You can select HTML section of the post window, and add rel=”nofollow” attribute just after the URL. The main purpose of it is to prevent crawling a particular link.

    Format comment section: For avoidance of spam comment, comment section should be no followed and moderated. Always, try to include the post keywords when you are engaged in replying to the readers’ comment. It will add up to the total keyword density of the post. In addition, Google has integrated Google Plus comment form with Blogspot. Please enable Google Plus without any doubt. With this will get higher social media interaction and able to share your post efficiently.

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