Importance of Social Sensitivity in Business

In the age of social media, Social Sensitivity plays a vital role. It signifies to what extent you understand others feelings and thoughts and to what extent you are acquainted with general knowledge of social norms. Through the application of the concept of social sensitivity, people are able to know the feelings of the other. The fundamental principle of social sensitivity lies the fact that it is based on people’s extensive knowledge of social rules and norms. Social Sensitivity has become a part of social intelligence and shares some similar characteristics with it. It is also an element of social competence.

Social Sensitivity and Group Working

According to research the total social sensitivity is correlated with the collective intelligence level and team effectiveness and member satisfaction. On the other hand it has great impact on social media. The role and function of social sensitivity can never be under minded. Both in business and personal life, social sensitivity plays a vital role. Especially, it signifies that to what extent you are aware of the other situation and mind set.

To be a successful business man and marketer, you have to understand the nature and structure of markets and the same time the importance and glory of social sensitivity. And more thing is you have to be very serious what is happening around you and what the people think about you and your product and services.

Before you go to a networking event, take a few moments and ask yourself what you want to say and how you want to show up to people. So imbibe the capacity how to influence your customers.

Ultimately, your customers will be influenced by your understanding of market structure and mindset of the people. Additionally, Your business is not confined within your own country. You have to depend on national states for doing business. So try to stretch your hands with great awareness of people’s mindset. Normally, you will find various subcultures or ethnicity with different expectations about how business. In this case you have to make the extra effort to learn what is considered acceptable behavior versus rude behavior.

So, a clear understanding of the nature, behavior, attitudes, awareness and orientation of the people about product and services, the role and importance of social sensitivity can never be neglected.

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