How to Make your Website Fast Crawling?

Internet world is ever evolving domain where websites need to get crawled by search engines frequently to deliver the user-friendly results to the users.  SEO world has been transformed to keyword stuffed pages to rich content pages. Thus, from the SEO perspective, we need to measure how effectively our website is performing in search engine. We need to make our website enable for search engine crawling to index the pages of website properly.

Check out the website speed and DNS aspects:

Much before ensuring that our website is open for crawling, we need to make sure that how effectively our website is communicating with the server. For that purpose, we can use some online tools such as Ping tools to check the network connectivity. Apart from that check the DNS errors if any and loading time of the website. loading time is considered as one of the ranking factors in SERPs. Therefore, we need to ensure that our website page takes less time in loading.

Examine the robots.txt file:

It is in our hand to decide which pages of our website search engine crawlers. Therefore, we need to have a well optimized robots.txt file including the pages that we do not want search engine crawl in our website. Besides, we need to create a XML sitemap of our website so that all major search engines store complete directory of our website.

Page Rendering:

Once you have examined that our website is communicating well with the server and its load time is very good with well-optimized robots.txt file and XML file, you need to move ahead to check how our website looks to search engine console. To check this aspect, you need to add your website in Google webmaster tools. Thereafter, in the fetch section you can check if your website looks same to the crawlers and users or not.

Avoid Content Duplication:

Once the website is ready to get crawled without any roadblocks, you need to ensure that crawlers always get the relevant and useful data in your website. Duplicate content will surely negatively impact on the website performance in search engine as well as crawling rates. Simply, crawlers spending time in your website featured with duplicate content again and again will punish the website severely – page could be de-indexed from the search engine.

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