How to make a successful Ad copy for PPC

Ad copy is a unique term that speaks about the main text of a click able advertisement. It may be contextual or a pay per click ad. Generally, ad copy is the second and third lines of an ad displayed on a search engine results page or or any other web page, and is between the title and the display URL. Most of the advertisers use ad copy not only for advertisement, but to also insert the keywords, for which the ad have been created for. Notably, ad copy plays vital role in the field of search engine optimization. It also plays great role in the field of marketing. Some of the marketing tactics and parts of ads included in writing ad copy include credibility, attention and promise of benefit. Ad copy can bring big difference in paid search campaigns. Various tips are to be considered for that. Importance must be given on writing specific ads for specific keywords. And try to focus ad copy to the specific terms in your paid search accounts. You know

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buyers are vulnerable in nature, they get motivated by different factors. So the focus must be given on different buyers needs and requirements. On the other hand your ad copy should be appropriate to the industry needs. If it is not satisfying the needs of the industry, then it has no value, it never orients the minds of the customers. You know, there are various ways of product cycle. At the beginning of the buying process, a customer normally seeks general information and product reviews. Additionally, at the end of the cycle, they may be looking for, return policy information or making secure purchasing decisions. Another vital point is; analysis of paid search results. In the PPC game Click Through Rates (CTRs) and conversion figures play a vital role and ensuring PPC data is vital for your search engine optimization. Sometimes, advertisers can get conflicting data related to CTRs and ROI. If possible, try to mention such types of keywords in your ad copy which will appear on your landing page. Importance must be given on testing ad copy as well as testing many ad variables in your ad copy including, ad headlines, different offers, different USPS (unique selling propositions) and “buy” words like try, get, etc. The most fundamental thing is to spend time creating killer ad copy and think out of the box. Did you find this article fruitful? Let’s know your feedback in comments.

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