How to Improve Your Video SEO

Search Engine Optimisation has become a unique instrument in the hand of the business entity to bring more and more traffic to the website. As an SEO analyst, stay tuned to the various updated of the Google algorithms. No doubt, Content is considered to be the king in the field of digital arena. As an SEO analyst, you are required to post quality content to increase traffic. Besides content, video plays a stupendous role to bring more engagement and interest to your website in comparison to traditional article. Video will give more opportunity and more clarity to the users within limited time frame. So proper video SEO is highly required for easy and efficient business promotions. In recent times, many companies are interested to host their video on YouTube because it’s easy and free. By using YouTube, you can still post your YouTube hosted videos on your website. It is also easier to rank on YouTube. For proper optimisation, YouTube has applied different algorithms.

How to improve your video SEO:
Use Keywords: Using proper keywords can definitely increase the rich of your website. Try to use keywords in your title, description, and tags.

Have a Catchy Title: For proper optimisation of video, try to mention catchy title. The beginning is always the best place for a keyword, and it has to appear natural.

Create a Thorough Description: When you post your video, please write through description of video. You should be utilizing your keywords—this will help you rank for those keywords as well as long-tail keywords.

Include Tags: When it comes to video, tags actually matter. Try to think about your target audience and what they are searching. Video should be categorised for proper optimisation.

Sitemaps and Creating a sitemap is the easiest way to let the bots know you have a video on your website. This is the best way to help show people your video on your website.

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